Thursday, August 23, 2007

Apache vs IIS

News from PC world that Apache has been losing ground against IIS.

Apache Slips, Study Says
More evidence is emerging that Apache is suffering against Redmond, after a survey revealed that Microsoft's Internet Information Services Web server is outserving Apache on Fortune 1000 websites.

No surprise there really. From experience, Fortune 1000 companies tend to favor closed source systems. Support issues are a part of the decision. They like the idea of having a phone number to call in case something breaks or doesn't work. But support issues aside, the .NET and IIS combination is really a powerful platform for developing and deploying applications in its own right. It is also very productive to work with given that everything is seamlessly integrated (which is probably yet another reason why those companies choose it).

With regards to Apache however, I think it is stronger in the startup community since I mostly see sites running PHP or JSP.


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