Monday, June 18, 2007

Innovation is Ageless

I was intriqued by Markus's latest topic in his blog. In "Old people don't invent online" he makes the statement

People under 30 create paradigm shifts, and usually end up creating huge companies. People over 30 tend to go out and look for emerging patterns to predict the future but don’t really understand it.

I'm not sure I'd agree. It's just that those in the 30's live a different lifestyle that those in their early 20's. Folks in their 30's have much more responsibility. You have a family, mortgage, career and so on to take care of. I don't think they lack the mindset to innovate, it's just that there's isn't enough resources (especially time) to devote to an idea much less to execute it for that matter.

Wasn't the founder of Friendster in his 30's when he started it?


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