Sunday, May 27, 2007

Google's Flaw

Just finished reading this article on The Final Days of Google by Robert Cringley. The article talks about a flaw inside the company that stifles innovation.

The flaw is simple and is composed of three parts. First there are those thousands of ideas and technologies that are being developed by Google employees in the 20 percent of their week devoted specifically for that purpose. That number of new ideas is far too high to be practical and too high even to be considered safe.

I’m not exactly sure what kind of internal selection process they have inside Google that makes them decide what ideas are viable enough to pursue. The last “strategy” I heard from them was their mantra “Search, Ads and Apps”. The statement seems indicative of the general direction they want to go so any ideas along those lines should get more consideration I suppose. But then the “Apps” part is pretty broad. Does Google want to be in social networking? Or enterprise computing? Without a definitive scope, the possibility does exist that they’re suffering from idea overload or some great ones are being missed.



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